Luis Valenzuela Pop-Up Museum Project
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POP UP Museum
by Luis Valenzuela
The world of art: just a 3D touch away.

The “POP UP Museum” Project is an experimental Art activity that provides unique experiences to the community. Using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology I created authorized replicas of important World Renewed Museum Pieces, to invite visitors to explore them through the sense of touch.

The POP Up Museum will have 3D Printed authorized replicas of Renewed Museum pieces on display (on tables or pedestals) for the audience to touch and experience the uniqueness of each piece. Each participant will complete the experience, by sketching the artwork in a white paper while touching it.

The POP Up Museum owns authorized 3D PRINTED replicas of ancient artifacts, sculptures as well as contemporary artworks from different museum around the world, including the Venus of Willendorf, Nike (Victory) sculpture, Nefertiti Bust, Yayoi Kusama famous pumpkin among others.

The 3D finger-view of the art pieces replicas would reduces the gap between the imaginary and the real world of participants, enabling cultural lectures on site, in schools, Museums, and other local institutions.

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