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April 22, 2011 EcoArtFashion presentation by Luis Valenzuela at the Chelsea Art Museum, "art to wear" made of organic fabrics and recycled materials inspired by a french artist Jean Miotte, celebrating Earth Day......

Chelsea Art Museum (CAM) was pleased to present an exciting fashion presentation featuring newworks by the visionary eco-fashion designer and visual artist Luis Valenzuela.
Valenzuela’s extravagant gowns promote eco-friendly production methods through
the use of recycled materials, from paper and plastic bags to lampshades and footballs. By
repurposing discarded materials, Valenzuela embraces environmentally-conscious designs and
creatively utilizes unconventional resources.
His designs aim to raise environmental awareness, given the fashion industry’s harmful impact on the environment. The various stages of manufacturing garments and beauty products can be
detrimental, including the process of growing raw fibers, the pollution of mass production, and
the use of animal materials. To further demonstrate his commitment to eco-friendly practices,
Valenzuela collaborated with New York-based hair and make-up designer Camilo
Vergara and has pledged to use only natural beauty products.
Through the use of recycled materials and the appropriation of imagery from celebrated artists,
Valenzuela re-conceptualizes art of the masters with his stunning designs and demonstrates that
new life - and a new voice - can come from something old. His past Eco-Art Fashion creations
have been infused with imagery from such artists as Dali, Matisse, O’Keeffe, and Picasso. In these new designs, he gathered inspiration from the wide, gestural brushstrokes and fluid bands of saturated color found in the L’Art Informel work of artist Jean Miotte. Valenzuela’s trend-setting practices – his inventive use of material to promote sustainability and inspiration from master painters – create a perfect fusion of art, design, and environmental action.

EcoArtFAshion by Luis Valenzuela at the Chealsea Art Museum NYC
Miotte Foundation's President Dorothea Keeser , Tom Bendt, Luis Valenzuela, Master Jean Miotte, Model and Camilo Vergara during the opening night