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Sustainability with Style 2010


Remaining the art of the masters is no small task; neither is saving the planet. Luis Valenzuela takes on both in his latest endeavor. In the guise of fantastical gowns based on the art of the greats such as Dali and Picasso, Valenzuela addresses the ideas of progress sustainability, appropriation, debt, and responsibility. Just as art has been able to transcend the confines of race, gender, age, and nationality, to relate to the core of humanity itself, the planet too should be examined as an all-encompassing issue whose wounds the aesthetics of the masters as well as by incorporating recycled materials to create the extravagant gowns, Valenzuela punctuates how new life can come from something used. In doing so he calls attention to and juxtaposes two types of debt: The debt that art of each generation owes to past art from which it stems, and also the debt that humanity owes to the precious environment that sustains us.

Ultimately, an aura on inspiration prevails. Just as the artist honored in Valenzuela’s work had to push boundaries to forge new ideas, we too must innovate to improve our way of life on this planet. With his fashionable and provoking works, Valenzuela paves the (run)way for a more promising and sustainable future.

Bernice Steinbaum


Sustainability wth Style by Luis Valenzuela at Bernice Steinbaum Gallery Miami 2010